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Graphic Design


Design visual identities with a strong personality, simple and easily identifiable

The agency that takes care of your branding

A creative & tailor-made visual identity
B-Digital is a graphic design & brand design, with the central idea of flexibility and expertise. We carry out solutions studied on a case-by-case basis for each of our clients.

Our jobs consist of designing visual communication solutions and working on the meaning of the message you want to convey in order to make it as clear and impactful as possible via a graphic transcription.

Our added value: supporting companies, brands and institutions wishing to design and deploy their visual identity by providing them with the keys to long-term success.
Design is a universal language, accessible to all and overcoming the language barrier. Synthesizing the brief in order to extract the key message to focus on, this is the mission of our creatives. This simplification to the extreme of complex issues has become our working method, it promotes the “brand concept” and the development of creative ideas.
Brand design

How to build a unique, powerful and recognizable universe around your brand?

Brand design

The notoriety of a brand does not necessarily correspond to the arguments that are broadcast to the consumer, it is mainly based on what consumers say about it.

After determining your target, your competitive environment, the desired positioning, your strategy, and all the other components that will allow you to determine a creative brief, brand design can come into play.

This crucial step consists of clearly determining the promise and values of your brand by putting it into image: finding a name (naming), designing a logo, deploying a graphic charter, creating web & prints…

For a creation or updating (Re-branding), you will need graphic designers specialized in graphic design & brand design who know perfectly the impact of their choices in order to perfectly transcribe your will.
Logo design

Need to be recognized?

Logo design

A logo does not sell, it identifies

The logo (or logotype if it is mainly typographic) represents an idea, a concept, or even values. It identifies an activity. It is associated with the ethics or philosophy thereof, and this, in a positive way.

A logo is not inherently good or bad. It symbolically describes what it is supposed to designate. It is the representation of a specific intention. His only mission is to capture attention, to make the company or brand he serves recognizable.

From a precise brief on the vocation and values conveyed by your company, our creatives will seize the key elements to the construction of your identity and opt for the best visual choices through a creative approach to offer you an original realization, bespoke and sustainable.
Graphic charter creation

The basis of your communication, the guide to using your brand...

Graphic charter creation

The graphic charter translates the soul of your company (your offer, your vision and your values) into a set of graphic elements. It also allows you to show others how, and precisely, you want to represent your brand.

The foundation of a brand’s identity in the eyes of its audience, the logo is not the only component of a visual identity. In order to bring you consistency between your media and to contribute over time to creating the identity of your brand, we support you in the design of a user guide for your brand, also called a graphic charter.

Thanks to a proven working method, we are able to display your identity on all your physical or digital communication media.

Your graphic charter will become the common thread of the graphic transcription of your brand. Thanks to this document, you will maintain real consistency on all your media, throughout the evolution of your company.

Thus, all stakeholders implementing visuals on your behalf will have a specific framework for the use of your brand.
Redesign of visual identity

Need to mark a change, stimulate new momentum or simply be part of the era of time?

Redesign of visual identity

A visual identity redesign must be mature, thoughtful and motivated by real arguments. It’s important to keep some visual markers strong so you don’t lose your acquired target, while making the necessary upgrades for this morph

Your visual identity has existed for several years, but your company may have evolved faster than your image, so the question arises of redesigning or modernizing it.

Our graphic studio is there to help you redefine your graphic universe by developing it while keeping the essence and history of your brand. Your graphic identity will therefore better match your new positioning and the current market.

Who says new visual identity, also induces the redesign of all the media you have used until then (and why not take the opportunity to think about new means of distribution). This notion of deploying the new identity is fundamental for the success of this transition, so we will support you in this crucial step in order to unveil the new face of your brand and make it an effective commercial rebound.
Packaging design

Take care of your brand image by including your packaging in your marketing strategy

Packaging design

Before buying a product, it is its packaging that attracts us, so let’s take care of this meeting so that your future customers naturally come to your products.

Once you have defined the format, template and print finish, trust our experienced designers to showcase your products with carefully designed packaging to promote the act of purchase.

From the “simple” label to the luxurious case, each product packaging is a packaging serving your marketing strategy. We will organize your information in order to sublimate your product, surprise or reassure your target.

Our teams will make it a point of honor to ensure the consistency of the visuals with your products, but also to design strong visual markers in order to quickly identify your different ranges and their meaning.

Decline your identity and your message, regardless of the medium...


Because your needs are multiple, we carry out with seriousness and precision the execution and the variation of all your print and digital communication media.

From your graphic charter already established, according to a briefing and taking into account technical constraints, we carry out the design and layout of all your communication media.

PAO Execution corresponds to the layout phase between creation (graphic or written), and printing. We work on the texts (corrections, entries, typography…), on the images (colors, effects, contours…) as well as on the layout of your documents in order to prepare them for the final printing.

Specialized software and graphic charters hold no secrets for our experienced graphic designers. Their rigor, organization, concentration and creativity are all assets that will allow us to carry out your publishing projects.
Advertising visuals

Be creative and stand out!

Advertising visuals

There are so many stimuli in our environment that in order for humans to survive, they can only pay attention to the important things.

In order to promote a brand, a product, a service using a message and/or a slogan which will be broadcast via several means of communication (television, radio, written press, Internet, display, etc.), we will help you design graphically your advertising campaign and to decline it in all the necessary formats.

To attract attention, an advertisement must consist of a few words and a clear and eloquent visual so that your listener understands your message at a glance. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention and arouse their curiosity. It is therefore an understatement to say that the choice of colors, typography, font size and words used are essential.

Working on the message, taking care of your catchphrase and fine-tuning the visuals to optimize the impact of the campaign… our team will provide advice and proposals to guarantee you the best results on your broadcasts.

Example of web projects

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