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Social media

Social Media

Know, increase, diversify & retain your customers on social networks

Community management, a massive communication weapon

The agency that stimulates your community
All companies are affected by the phenomenon, small, medium or large, in all sectors of activity; but also institutions, communities… To begin with, are you present on social networks? Maybe it’s time to move towards a dynamic and interactive vision of your communication on the Web!

For lack of knowledge, lack of time or staff, most structures fail to ensure a quality presence on social networks. It is from this observation that we have decided to accompany you for an intelligent co-management of the presence of your company on the various social media, and thus help you to better control your image on the web by allowing you to come into direct contact with your target.
The irruption of social networks in mores has changed the nature of the relationship between companies and their customers on the Web. You also take advantage of social media to capture trends and opinion leaders, organize exchanges so that your customers become relays, and give visibility to your entity while controlling your image.
Brand Content & Editorial Line

Make your mark on the web

Brand Content & Editorial Line

Take the floor to tell your story brilliantly, highlight your know-how and expertise, promote your brand and create a strong link with your community. You will stand out by creating a real brand universe thanks to a thoughtful editorial line for your brand content.

Internet consumers are increasingly turning away from advertising, which they perceive as an intrusive incentive to consume massively. Demanding, they seek from brands above all an experience, a true story and commitments kept, a certain sensitivity and consistency vis-à-vis their desires or needs.

We will support you in your brand content strategy by working on an editorial line that tells your story, your values and your promise. Let’s create together a real storytelling and a tailor-made experience to develop your notoriety by enhancing your image.
Ad hoc Advice & Analysis

Need a fresh look at the current state of your strategy?

Ad hoc Advice & Analysis

A fresh, but above all external, eye will allow you to make better decisions thanks to our concrete recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of your own data.

You can call on our team on an ad hoc basis or within a limited framework. We can respond to your requests via one-off missions whose conditions are defined in advance, and according to your needs.

For example, get a complete audit of your campaigns or your publications, along with recommendations and monitoring of their implementation.

Our graphic designers can benchmark your competitors’ best practices, then offer you a set of visuals adapted to your brand image and the desired positioning.

Regardless of the duration and frequency of the support requested, we will propose an action plan that will meet your expectations and your budget.
Social Ads / Advertising Campaigns

Large audience, refined targeting, tenfold results

Social Ads / Advertising Campaigns

Arouse the need, convert or build loyalty by showing your offer in its best light to a large, chosen audience, sensitive to your message, and generate immediate results!

The paid advertising campaigns on social networks make it possible to exploit the information provided on each user profile (age, sex, profession, company, etc.) and their interaction on the network (areas of interest). Thanks to this precise targeting, you can therefore personalize your messages in order to reach your target audiences effectively, whether they are in the discovery, conversion or loyalty phase.

The organic reach (audience obtained by a brand when it addresses its fans/followers on a social network without going through the paid advertising format) is definitely dead, around 5% of your Facebook fans will see your post for example… This This will lead you to look for new ways to gain visibility and engagement, and this is where sponsored campaigns come in.

As in all advertising campaigns, your main indicator of success will be the ROI (return on investment), and being accompanied to optimize your campaigns will allow you to guarantee a positive ratio for your investments. Brand awareness, final conversion or loyalty, we will be able to support you in achieving all your campaign objectives.

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