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Strategy and Consulting


To communicate is to foresee. Let's develop an effective strategy

The right message, to the right person, at the right time and through the right medium

The consulting agency that serves your objectives
Help each company to mark its territory against the competition, understand its market, convince professionals of the qualities of the offer, seduce the public by the attractiveness of the brand, motivate the internal on the business project…

We are in line with listening, advising and analyzing needs, judiciously coordinated and subtly measured, minimal forces are enough to leverage and trigger success.

Our strategy & communication consulting will guide you so that your actions are visible and accessible on all screens and on all new digital media, opt for creative and interactive communication that characterizes our time. You will come into direct contact with your end users, we talk, we talk … about you!
Desire to share, ambition to convince, appetite to understand, communicating is a passion. We see our relationship with our clients as a partnership, or rather a transfer of mutual experience. You know your business well, we will be able to highlight it; you know your target well, we will know how to reach it.
Name creation (Naming)

How to make the right choice ?

Name creation(Naming)

Of paramount importance to your business, an appropriate and convincing name will allow you to facilitate the notoriety of your brand and therefore boost your sales.

We are all born with a name, and we did not choose it! Creation, merger, takeover, evolution or profound change… On the other hand, you will be able / will have to choose the one for your brand or company, and this choice will be decisive for the years to come.

Except for the exceptions mentioned above, it is dangerous to change your name along the way! Far from being anecdotal, this choice requires real reflection in order to optimize your chances of success.

We will support you in this process of naming, by carrying out the necessary reflection to choose a name that reflects the soul of your brand, in order to make an impression for long time.
Marketing position

Take a credible position within your market

Marketing position

To stand out from your competitors, you need to identify your positioning based on objective (such as price) and subjective (company image) criteria.

The positioning of a brand or a company is defined by the image it conveys to prospects, customers, competitors and partners. . So that this perception does not differ from that which your company has of itself, it must be determined by tangible elements and more subjective criteria.

Our outside view will allow you to answer simple questions: What is your core target? What is his need? Who are your competitors? What are your strengths? The answer to these questions will allow you to make many decisions: your pricing, your additional services, and of course the communication channels and marketing strategy to put in place.

Thanks to a proven method, we will advise you in order to identify the specific customer segment from which all the axes of your corporate positioning will flow: price, marketing strategy, values, etc.
Communication plan

Plan your actions to create recurrence and consistency

Communication plan

After preparing your content strategy, you will have to be visible! And since communicating is planning, now is the time to plan your communication over the short, medium or long term in order to maximize its impact.

Communicating effectively is not always easy without organizing a minimum of your approach. To obtain real results, whether in terms of visibility or to create a qualified audience, you will need a certain rigor in order to clearly state your objectives and choose coherent means to reach your target.

We will help you identify the nature of the objectives and values to be achieved, determine the resources to be mobilised, organize your schedule, choose the different distribution channels to select, break down the budget in such a way as to cover your entire strategy … and for your operations to be crowned with success, we will accompany you until the verification of the effectiveness of your communication plan.
Global Web Strategy

Guide your web strategy

Global Web Strategy

Good web visibility can take time to set up, so it is essential to opt for a long-term and well-thought-out strategy from the start.

B-Digital’s web offer is a global solution aimed at promoting your activity on the Internet and generating quality traffic on your website. We help you take the right digital options.

Any digital initiative must be considered via a coherent strategy defined upstream of your overall strategy.

Adapted to the context of each of our clients, we determine the key indicators of the success of your project (objectives, targets, use cases, etc.) to establish an innovative and creative strategy. We study your brand and its operation to arrive at the definition of a target product and carry out a strategic plan based on performance indicators.
e-commerce Strategy

Grow your online sales?

e-commerce strategy

To stand out from the thousands of new e-commerce sites created every day, you will need to plan a solid online sales strategy.

Commerce and e-commerce are very different professions. Also, you need to be accompanied by experts who will be able to guide you through the many facets of the web and the codes of online sales.

After auditing your situation and understanding your problems, we will establish together a precise action plan to be implemented for the development of your online activity.

What positioning for your brand? What commercial strategy should be put in place? How to distribute your offer and promote your products? Which technical platform to choose? How to manage your logistics? On which Marketplaces do you reference? What budget should you plan? …

So many questions that we will answer together, throughout our collaboration.
Cross Media Strategy

Multichannel strategy called "Cross Media", or how to multiply the points of contact to capture attention

Cross Media Strategy

Faced with new consumer behavior, all marketing strategies must be rethought in order to systematically integrate multi-channel and cross-media.

In order to meet the objectives you set for your advertising campaign, we must use all the media available (alternately or simultaneously) in order to reach the entire spectrum of your target.

To deploy a coherent cross-media plan, it will therefore be important to know your consumers’ habits perfectly in order to use the distribution channels they consult, but it will be just as important to have a central medium on which to send your prospects to turn them into customers.

This marketing strategy is not only intended to increase your visibility, but to give a common thread to the public and encourage them to “dig into” the information on your main media where you will first have develop your argument to convince.

Cross media improves the customer experience by increasing the interactivity of the message. This one will thus be better remembered, and will mark the spirits more than a simple diffusion.

L’exemple le plus simple de cross média reste celui d’une publicité sur les réseaux sociaux qui renvoie vers le site web de l’annonceur.
RP & Influencers

Set up an opinion and influence strategy?

Press Relations & Influencers

You must have a media and opinion relay strategy that can serve your message because they will be the relay of a qualitative communication made by listened prescribers.

Monitoring and precise identification of media and influencers corresponding to your brand, setting up media and influence campaigns… we will advise you and stay by your side to build and nurture a lasting relationship with journalists, influencers and opinion leaders.

Our role is to support you in order to connect your brand with its stakeholders (journalists, bloggers, influencers, economists, opinion leaders, elected officials, associations, consumers, citizens, etc.) and put our expertise in public relations and strategic planning in the service of high impact systems.

We seek to create uniqueness in your communication by having a transversal approach, and by seeking to generate the trust and commitment of your audiences.
Internal communication

Bring structure, coherence and cohesion within the teams

Internal communication

The success of the deployment of your vision at the level of the organization and the management of your company, will go through a carefully elaborated internal communication.

In human resources, effective internal communication is essential to promote the success of all your practices. Internal communication makes it possible to put the individual missions of each business into perspective with the strategic objectives of the company.

In order to retain your employees, you must build a strong corporate identity built on common values that you must disseminate and share in order to federate your teams. Even if internal communication is often characterized by spontaneous exchanges at work, it is important to set up other modes of communication and a medium and long-term strategy in order to protect yourself from a a number of risks.

This is why we will support you in the implementation of a strategy adapted to your company, and will help you to choose the means of communication which must be integrated by the management into a overall managerial strategy.

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