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Video, Photo & Motion design


Capture and fix the attention thanks to the most powerful media of com’

A creative approach to make an impression

The agency that editorializes your images
Video is a prestigious marketing tool which presents your company, activity or products in an elegant, dynamic way, and allows valuation with a very wide distribution (even more so when it is available on the web), all on a permanent support. It is also an effective and timeless showcase that will help you stand out in a competitive environment.

Photography is one of the essential pillars of marketing! We memorize 80% of what we see against only 20% of what we read, so it is essential to build your own library of worked images to distribute your personal branding.
Photos and videos make it possible to capture and fix the attention immediately because as the expression says: “a picture is worth a thousand words! » We identify and analyze your target in order to make your message effective and persuasive to highlight your strengths and specificities. So make an impression with fast, economical and efficient communication.
Corporate Videos / Institutional Films

Promote your know-how? Develop your company's notoriety? Improve your internal communication?

Corporate Videos / Institutional Films

The corporate film is an ideal solution for distributing attractive and impactful content.

Whether for your internal or external communication, B to B or B to C, a corporate film will help you enhance the image of your company, promote your services, your activities, your values, your events… And this, in a playful, effective way, and accessible to all.

The production of a corporate film must be adapted to your deployment strategy, so we will use all the techniques to make your corporate video project viral, depending on your broadcast channel.

A real marketing lever, a corporate video has a strong commercial impact and strengthens your multi-channel communication strategy. On TV, on the internet, in a living room or in your lobby; your video can be reused on a multitude of media.

Let’s not forget, of course, that your video can be shared on social networks or streaming platforms by Internet users, who will therefore relay your message.
Video presentation of products & services

Present a service offer or a product in the form of an impacting advertising spot?

Video presentation of products & services

Your product/service presentation video has the sole purpose of explaining, demonstrating and of course selling.

As in all self-respecting sales approaches, your video must highlight the customer benefit. This will therefore state your many arguments oriented towards the usefulness that your target has of your product or service.

We are therefore going to design a scenario that will showcase the consumer benefits, this type of advertising film fits perfectly with the current trend of brand content. Even if the video will focus on showing the product, we create a brand universe in which it will evolve and where your target will be able to identify.

Ideally in a short and impactful format, your product film or service will help you win over your customers, highlight technical specificities and enhance the brand image of the manufacturer or service provider.
Videos Shops

Present your business on video? Bring in new customers?

Videos Shops

This type of video must respect a balance between creating desire through the place and your products, while leaving a part of mystery to be discovered by going to your shop.

Attracting as many people as possible to push the door of your shop to boost your sales, that is the goal of all merchants! To achieve this, you must not only have the right product at the right price, but also make it known by standing out in a sometimes ultra-competitive environment.

Consumers are increasingly looking for information before purchasing, but also before moving, so what could be better than revealing your strengths through a video where the Internet user can represent all the things he can find in your shop, and above all stay hungry to get him to visit you….

We will therefore help you design a scenario adapted to your activity in order to make the most of your business, and we will advise you on the best strategy for the distribution of the spot.
Motion Design

Send a message dynamically? Bring hard-to-shoot images to life?

Motion Design

Extremely visual and easy to remember, motion design is infinitely adaptable. Often appreciated for its modern and dynamic style, it has the advantage of being concise and educational.

Motion Design is the art of mixing graphics and video. For excellent value for money, this technique, often used in the form of flat design, allows you to illustrate a concept, a story or a message in an effective, impactful and very visual way.

Continually inspired by the evolution of graphic design techniques, our team will put all their skills at your service to design your video in fully personalized motion design.
Reports & Interviews

Keep track of an important event? Collect the testimonial of a client or partner?

Reports & Interviews

The best way to promote your offer is to let your customers/partners praise its merits for you.

Less consensual and more real than a scripted video, the report format brings a certain legitimacy to the message to be conveyed since it relates concrete facts. Can be embellished with a voice-over with a rhythm mixing shots of illustrations, animations, interviews and testimonials, the report is a powerful format.

The interview is effective and guarantees a certain credibility to highlight a subject, an event in which the protagonist participated. It can be used to tell a customer testimonial or list your strengths by a partner. To make a statement realistic or to explain a concept, this format humanizes your message.

We carefully prepare each production to ensure the best end result. By knowing precisely what equipment we need, where to go, when, what and who to film, our film crew combine technical qualities and communication objectives.
Corporate photo shoots

Highlight your know-how? Valuing your actions? Tell your story?

Corporate photo shoots

This type of photo report goes through an immersion within your company to exploit its full visual potential. We will extract qualitative and unique photos that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

The production of a company photo report is a formidable tool for your communication. Large group, artisan or institution, the photo-report will allow you to develop your visual communication by equipping you with a worked and realistic photo library.

Through stagings or on the spot, we will guide you to transcribe your profession and your values through images that look like you, far from the rendering of impersonal image banks.
Packshots & Product pictures

A specific angle to obtain or lifestyle photos? Highlight your products for your catalog? Multiply your web sales with quality photos?

Packshot & Product picture

We will ensure that your products are presented in their best light, because attractive photos are the main lever to increase your sales.

Do not hesitate to entrust the realization of your photo shoots because styling your products, setting up the right lighting and composing different exposures requires a certain technique and equipment; without forgetting the almost systematic retouching in post-production in order to obtain the best result.

Anticipation is the key to perfection, so we’ll help you figure out exactly what your customers are looking for. White background, decor or staging, the Photo Packshot will help you better sell your products on your website, e-commerce and social networks.

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