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Web Solutions


Develop your digital identity in all its forms

The 360° web agency

Solutions to organize and accelerate your distribution on the web
« You never get a second chance to make a good first impression », and on the web, it only takes a few seconds to know if a site deserves attention.

Any business on the web aims to transform visitors or contacts into future customers. B-Digital, ensures for you the design of your website or the optimization of the existing one by keeping this thought in mind.

Our advice does not stop there, we take care of orchestrating and developing your digital identity for you so that you can make the most of the possibilities offered by the web.
Your website is the backbone of your communication, to carry out a web project you must structure your offer, present your company and work on your sales pitch. In view of the volume of information it contains, a website is undoubtedly the most complete com medium, long-lasting, available all the time and everywhere across the planet. The rest of your media are only a summary or extracts of your web content!
Website creation

Present on the web...

Creation of a website

A website is a showcase bringing together a large source of structured information, which can be consulted as desired for your customers.

Our agency ensures the creation of websites with a striking design, optimized from their conception for referencing and developed so that your visitors quickly find what they came for thanks to neat ergonomics.

We can also redesign the design of an existing site, improve its functioning, simplify its use and make its content understandable for all. B-Digital’s Web offer is a global solution aimed at promoting your activity on the Internet and generating quality traffic on your site.

The precise evaluation of the cost and time required to create a website corresponding to your needs requires a lot of information, so we recommend that you consult us for any price study.
Domain name & webhosting

What to choose ?

Domain name and webhosting

The choice of the domain name of your site or its host are essential for a good distribution on the web

We will advise you on hosting suitable for your website, and help you choose a domain name that is short, readable, easy to remember and easy to distribute.

Since your needs are likely to change depending on the success of your site, our agency will accompany you throughout its evolution in order to offer you the most suitable solutions.

B-Digital offers all-inclusive website hosting, but above all quality advice so that you have everything you need to get started quickly and efficiently.
Digital identity & e-reputation

What are they saying about you?

Digital identity & e-reputation

The reputation of your company on the Internet is permanently vulnerable: defamation, denigration, usurpation…

The digital identity corresponds to all the digital traces that you leave on the internet (obsolete contact details left in a forgotten directory, accounts for which you have lost the access codes, etc.) as well as those left by third parties (from a simple comment on a blog, to a negative opinion published on your company, etc.).

It is long and laborious in some cases to modify/delete erroneous or obsolete information present in search engines, be informed at the right time in order to act immediately and maintain control.

B-Digital helps you define your e-reputation management strategy and gives you the key tools to manage your digital identity.
Webdesign & Ergonomics

A cleverly orchestrated content...

Webdesign & Ergonomics

Despite the depth of your content, the Internet user must be able to find in 3 clicks what he came to look for on your site.

Our agency ensures the creation of websites with a striking design, optimized from their conception for SEO and developed so that your visitors quickly find what they came for thanks to careful ergonomics.

Our agency knows how to combine ergonomics and creativity. The design of your website is studied to be both easy to use but also eye-catching among the millions of sites on the web. Constantly monitoring new trends in terms of digital design, we offer you an interface adapted to your identity and your project.

We can also revamp the design of an existing site, improve its operation, simplify its use and make its content understandable for everyone.
Responsive design

Architect & optimize while being "responsive design"

Responsive design

An overwhelming majority of web visits are made on mobile, so think about the navigation of your site accordingly.

Responsive design is a concept of the web born a few years ago due to the proliferation of mobile devices, each with their own screen size and specificities. We therefore say that a site is responsive when its display and functions adapt perfectly to all current terminals.

The question of whether your site should be responsive or not is no longer to be asked today. The multitude of terminals used by users obliges us to systematically offer you sites adapted and optimized for all mobile devices.
Organic SEO

Being seen is better!

SEO organic referencing

The visibility of your site depends on a good positioning in the search engines thanks to a thoughtful natural referencing

Promoting and making your activity / business visible on the net is not an easy task, especially since SEO methods are constantly evolving. Being present on the web is good, but having your customers or future customers find you is better!

A good referencing is essential for an optimal positioning in the search engines, natural referencing remains the best long-term solution, it requires the implementation of a keyword strategy in correlation with the requests from Internet users likely to be interested in your offer.

Optimize your internet presence and generate quality contacts by entrusting your referencing to specialists who will monitor the progress of your website in the search engines and stabilize it over the long term for optimal positioning.
Maintenance & update

Guarantee the sustainability of your website

Maintenance & update

The web evolves so quickly that it is important to make maintenance an ongoing process to benefit from a performing site even after several years.

A website can quickly become obsolete if we do not maintain it at the level of web standards. This is why we propose to carry out curative and preventive monthly maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the site, its security and the use of the latest technologies throughout the life of your website.

Beyond the technical aspect, we can also ensure the editorial update of your site for you. Putting content online regularly is the key to optimizing your natural referencing (when I deal with a subject, I mechanically use the keywords revolving around it) but also to promote the flow of visits by regularly offering new content.

Example of web projects

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